Tweet, Tweet!

Twitter is one of the fasting growing social networking sites around, and although we at Town N Country don't always jump on the bandwagon, there was no way we could ignore something that tweets. Seriously - we do treat birds, you know. (Note that we considered saying that we "Tweet" birds, but decided it was [...]

A Parvovirus Primer

Parvovirus is a serious disease that usually attacks the intestines of dogs. Puppies, adolescent dogs and unvaccinated dogs are the most vulnerable to this simple deadly virus. Parvo survives virtually everywhere - for up to six months. Parvo is difficult to kill – even with sterilization. Dogs are at risk whenever large numbers of dogs [...]

Win a Dyson! (No, Not a Daschund)

You may have seen this on our Facebook page, but we don't want you to miss the news about your chance to win a Dyson DC24 vacuum cleaner! All you have to do is come by the clinic and purchase Sentinel heartworm and flea prevention medicine before June 30, 2010 and you'll be registered to [...]

Eight Signs of Dental Disease in Your Pet

Did you know that most cats dogs have developed periodontal disease by age three? Have you looked in your pet’s mouth today? Do you know what to look for? Here are symptoms that may indicate your pet needs an oral examination: 1. Bad breath 2. Excessive drooling 3. Reluctance to play 4. Reluctance to eat [...]

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