Could the Medicine on Your Night Stand Kill Your Pet?

When you're sick, it's easy to leave your medicine on a bedside table or on the kitchen counter. Maybe it's so you don't forget the next dose, or maybe it's because your pounding headache blocks every other thought. At any rate, over-the-counter medicines that cure you could kill your pet. Here's a list of 7 [...]

What Anal Glands and Thumb Drives Have in Common

"All of a sudden our dog keeps scooting her butt across the carpet. It's disgusting. What's going on!?" To be blunt - it sounds like clogged anal glands. Most pet owners don't know very much about their pet's anal glands until there's a problem. Do you know how to recognize a blocked anal gland? The [...]

And We Have a Winner!

This just in: Sadie and Sophie, two beautiful Westies, have been coming to Town 'N' Country for years, and their mom won the Dyson!

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