Is Your Pet Dressing for Halloween?

It's the last week in October - time to stock up on candy, carve pumpkins, and find the perfect costume. We know that lots of you don't just dress up your kids and your spouse...some of you dress up your pets! We'd love for you to share your pictures with us. You can email them [...]

Advanced Pain Remediation

When your pet is in pain, you only want her to feel better. Most animals are instinctively adept at hiding their pain, but thankfully, at Town 'N' Country Animal Hospital, we are trained to diagnose the causes of pain and provide the most advanced pain management methods available. For example, as a member of the [...]

Them Bones, Them Bones – Them CHICKEN Bones

I know, I know. When your dog turns on the charm under the dinner table, she's hard to resist. The big brown eyes, the turbo-charged wagging tail - it's a lot for any dog lover to resist. Before you throw her a chicken bone ("just this once") consider exactly where that chicken bone may end [...]

“The Best of the Best”

Congratulations to ISIS, who was voted "The Best of the Best" in our Facebook competition! Isis wins a day at the Town N Country Pet Spa! Isis gets a fabulous day at the Town and Country Spa, with a mani/pedi, a shampoo and deep conditioning, and an elegant style. He'll also have an [...]

Nature's Variety Instinct Kibble on Sale!

Today we announced the winner "The Best of the Best" contest, but really, all the pets at Town 'N' Country are really the best. Which is why we offer your special pets our specials each month. For October, we have $5 off any size bag of Nature's Variety Instinct kibble. Instinct foods are grain-free and [...]

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