Question about Lost Rabies Tag

Question: My dogs rabies tag has gotten lost from his collar. Do I need to have him get another rabies shot in order to get another tag? Our answer: This happens all the time! Give us a call (336-227-9979) and we'll get your little one a new tag in mere moments. You can pick it [...]

Too Dark for a Walk?

We're starting off the new year right with a new weight loss program for our patients - we'll walk your dog and/or exercise your cat for you!

Question About Dog Smacking Lips

Question: Why do Boxers "smack" their lips? Mine does this a lot. Is this normal? Our answer: Smacking lips can indicate a number of different issues almost all of which are physical. Of course there are the obvious issues which may be in the mouth - dental disease, gum masses, ulcerations, etc. These are best [...]

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