When Bald is Not Beautiful: Hair Loss and Your Pet

Sometimes it's normal for your dog to shed a little or a lot. Sometimes you can tell the season by the tufts of hair falling out of your cat's fur. It's also normal for a pregnant or nursing dog to lose a good bit of hair. Yet there are times when hair loss isn't normal [...]

Instinct Raw Coupons!

We have some great coupons for Instinct products. One is for a sample, one for a bone (yes - they do sell bones!), and two for the food. For Instinct Raw Frozen Diet, the coupon is worth $3.00 off! Click on the images below, and then print from the window that will pop up. The [...]

Dry Skin in Your Pet. It’s No Joke.

When you notice your pet's dry skin, do you wonder if it's due to an allergy, parasite or infection? Or do you spout Garfield's motto and say: "No big fat hairy deal"? While a lot of cases of dry skin can be remedied with a medicated shampoo, the correct diagnosis for your pet's symptoms is [...]

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