Common "Alternative Meds": Legit – or Quit?

"Stick a knife under the bed to cut the pain." "Chicken Soup is a great cold remedy." You've heard them all your life, and now the internet has breathed fresh life into old wives tales and home remedies. While we're on the subject of alternative medicine, we thought we'd address a few of the more [...]

Chinese Medicine for Pets

By Dr. Joy Bolynn As you may have previously read, I began a study of alternative medicine when Western medicine failed my 14 year old Golden Retriever. Hunter exhibited symptoms of excessive panting, drinking and urination but all Western medical tests returned normal. With no official diagnosis of a urinary tract infection or thyroid issue [...]

Acupuncture – What’s the Point?!

By Dr. Joy Bolynn Have you ever wondered how acupuncture got started? "My head hurts. I think I'll stick a sharp object in my hand for relief." The whole concept of acupuncture seems odd to many of us. When you talk about it, people fall into two distinct categories of opinions. One is that acupuncture [...]

Alternative Medical Services for Pets

Are you hot yet?! Hope you weren't too hot to remember your pet's prevention meds for the first of the month. If you forgot, this is your friendly reminder. The first of the month is also the time for us to tell you about our current theme and special. In June we'll be talking about [...]

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