What Every Pet Needs: The Vaccine Scene

The responsibility of owning a pet includes making sure your pet is properly treated with basic vaccines. Individual needs vary according to the lifestyle and health of each pet, but some things are always the same for each patient. Here's a general list of what you can expect for your dog: ALWAYS: Rabies: Required by [...]

Prescribing An Ounce of Prevention

July is Back to Basics month at Town N Country. Don't let the lazy days of summer mean you forget routine preventatives for your pet. Here are the basics for cats and dogs. Pure-Bred Persions and Not-Quite-Calicos: You know the type. They own the house, but you pay the mortgage. To keep your cool cat [...]

Marvelous Mutt Contest

This contest is now closed. July is Back to Basics Month at Town N Country. This month, we'll be exploring some of the basics of pet care - vaccinations, preventative health care, and diet. But first, we've got a fun contest about the very basic kind of dog - the marvelous Mutt. Let me introduce [...]

Miracle Lives up to Her Name

Miracle is a ginger-colored cat that purrs easily. When she was diagnosed with GI lymphoma, she was given a very poor prognosis of 3-6 months. Her owners made the decision to treat her with radiation and chemotherapy, and Miracle responded very well. It's been 3 years since she was initially diagnosed, and she's living proof [...]

When Mutts Come Home and Other Happy Tales

This month's Marvelous Mutt contest is just the kick off to our Back to Basics Month. Since we've highlighted that Marvelous Mutt Millie (have you guessed yet?!), lets talk a little more about those not-quite-identifiable breeds of basic dogs that everyone loves to love - mutts! And did we mention how wonderful the folks are [...]

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