The Cure for the Dog Days of Summer

A bored dog is trouble waiting to happen. Overturned trashcans, chewed up sofa arms and one-of-a-kind shoes are all evidence of a dog with too much time alone. When both husband and wife work full time, a solution to doggie boredom can be doggie daycare. Dogs that attend a good daycare are better socialized and [...]

Win a Gift Basket for Your Cat!

August is feline health month at Town N County. And - in honor of all our wonderful kitty patients - we're having a drawing! For this month only, every cat appointment made will be entered to win a fabulous gift basket that will make you and your favorite feline purr. You could win an entire [...]

And Millie the Marvelous Mutt Is…

Tonya & Wayne T get a free DNA test for one of their marvelous mutts. Their guesses were the most similar to Millie's top three breeds - Boxer, Chihuahua (yeah, we were surprised too!) and Irish Setter. Crazy results, huh? But so much fun! We'll let you know the results of Wayne and Tonya's mutts [...]

Bark for Life: How You and Your Dog Can Save Lives!

Bark for Life! How You and Your Dog Can Save Lives Sponsored by the American Cancer Society, Bark for Life is an exciting, canine event to help in the fight against cancer. Don't miss Alamance County's first Bark for Life at Cedarock Park on August 13th from 8:30 a.m.-1 p.m. To participate in the Bark [...]

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