What Does Cancer Have to Do with My Pet?

Hopefully, nothing! But cancer is a reality for many animals. And - as with humans - prevention and early detection are your very best defenses against cancer in your pet. A Couple of Ounces of Prevention One simple safe practice for cats is choosing the safest vaccine. Although it may seem convenient to choose the [...]

Reunited: A Dog’s Tale with a Happy Ending

Bella's family loved to spend winter months in Florida and summer months in North Carolina. One sunny day in Florida, Bella and her papa were walking along when a particularly feisty Floridian squirrel stole Bella's attention. Although Bella was usually a level-headed Golden Retriever, she temporarily lost her head and bolted while a stunned papa [...]

Introducing: Our Favorite Pets

This month we have a terrific new space on the blog to share with you. It's called "Our Favorite Pets" - and we need you to help us fill it up. Here's what you do. Write us a short (or long - we don't care) story about your pet and email it to us. Attach [...]

Our Dog Cana

We got our dog Cana from a rescue kennel, referred by Dr. Bolynn – before she was Dr. Bolynn – as she was still in vet school. When we first saw the puppy’s picture, to be honest she was a bit – let’s say unattractive – but we trusted the recommendation that she would be [...]

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