Pet Costume Contest

If your pet is dressing up for Halloween, we have a costume contest just for you! You and your friends can vote on the best costume, and the pet with the most votes wins a personalized trick or treat bag tailored to the winning pet. All sorts of goodies will be in the bag - [...]

She Works Hard for the Kibble

You wouldn't believe the working dogs we know - service dogs, rescue dogs, guard dogs and search dogs are just a few examples. Trained for specific tasks, working dogs are physically strong, a bit independent in nature, and usually medium to extra-large in size. Service dogs are trained to help handicapped people with simple [...]

Think It’s Too Cool for Fleas? Think Again.

As the weather gets cooler, a lot of people feel a sense of complacency when it comes to flea meds. Trust us - that's NOT cool. We're seeing more fleas now than we have seen all summer, because people assume that the flea risk will be less, and they stop treating their animals. Fall is [...]

Kenzie – the Lost and Found Story of a Rescue Dog

My Kenzie was a rescue pup and I got her 8/24/2010. We think she's part dachshund and part Italian greyhound. We think she's about 3 years old now. She weighs about 25 lbs. On a December Saturday, we were visiting, for the first time, new friends who live an hour away and we all went [...]

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