Exercising the Right Diet

To date, the greatest researchers and scientists haven’t come up with any reasonable substitute for old fashioned exercise. Every creature needs it. Exercise is only part of the picture, though. As with humans, exercise has to be coupled with a good diet. For the feline diet, remember that cats are obligate carnivores – they must [...]

How to Walk Your Dog When You Can’t Walk Your Dog

Is your normal alarm clock the unmistakable aroma of doggie breath wafting over you? Walking first thing is how many dog owners start the day, but even the best laid plans can run into complications and interruptions. How do you cope? Here are a few ideas to overcome any stumbling in your dog's exercise [...]

Fat Pets Anonymous

"Hello, my name is Jack, and I have a fat cat." Even with your pet, image is everything. No one wants to admit that the family pet is overweight because he overeats or doesn't exercise. Here are a few examples of why your pet might be overweight - despite your protests to the contrary: 1. [...]

So What Are YOUR Resolutions for Your Pet?

Happy New Year! We hope you had a super holiday, and that you're facing a wonderful new year. How many resolutions have you made for the year? And for us - the bigger question is - have you made any resolutions for you and your pet?! We'd love for you to share those resolutions with [...]

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