Simple Things to Help Your Cat Live a Healthy Life (or 9)

Keeping your cat happy and healthy is fairly straightforward with regular check-ups, a good diet and exercise. Unfortunately a simple oversight could lead to tragedy. A sad example is the sudden death of one of our patients, a completely indoor cat. The recent necropsy performed in our hospital revealed heartworm disease. Stop that Mosquito! It [...]

Changing Fate. How to Stop The Five Common Cat Ailments.

Every cat's health is threatened by 5 common ailments that are potentially deadly. As your cat's biggest fan, you can provide a good foundation for your cat's health with simple preventive steps. Take a look at how easy it can be: 1. Periodontal Disease Probably the most common problem affecting the feline population, periodontal disease [...]

Five Predictions for Your Unpredictable Cat

As a cat lover, you know how independent cats are. Inside or outside? In your lap or on top of the piano? Excuse me, is that a book in your hand and were you planning on reading it? Chances are your kitty thinks the reason you opened your book was so she could sit with [...]

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