Who Let the Cats Out? What You Can Learn from a Cat’s Night Out

Although The University of Georgia has a bulldog for a mascot, it was cats that were the subject of a recent study that has been all over the news. What it revealed about a cat’s life after dark surprised the researchers – but it surprised the cat owners even more! Sixty pet cats in Athens-Clarke [...]

Walking an Old Friend Through Cancer

It started as a routine check-up last fall for our friend Grai, an eight year old Schnauzer. Enlarged lymph nodes prompted diagnostic testing that confirmed lymphoma. Thankfully -- and due in large part to the Martin family's vigilance -- Grai's cancer was caught early. Chemotherapy treatments began soon after, and Grai's family supplied lots of [...]

Still Scratching…After All These Meds

Q. My dog is on the flea prevention you recommended. I'm positive she doesn't have fleas, but she's still scratching a lot. What gives? A. There are several possibilities. Food allergies, skin conditions, or - fleas. Recently we received a call about one of our favorite patients who had been scratching incessantly and was generally [...]

Revolution Sale – Buy 6 get 2 Free!

Right now we've got a sale to make cat owners purr! When you buy six vials of Revolution®, you get two free. This isn't a rebate - you take home the extra vials right away. That's a great savings for you in money and in time! Protecting your cat from parasites is always important, and [...]

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