Lions and Tigers Need Help – Oh My!

December is the season for giving, and each year, Town N Country picks one organization that we can help with our donations of goods, time and money. This year, our staff decided that we would help a local organization that shared our passion for helping animals. The decision was unanimous! Our Christmas project is Carolina [...]

Faithful, Loyal Friends…For You We are Thankful

It’s said that forgetfulness is the greatest obstacle to true thanksgiving. If unbroken remembrance leads to continual thanksgiving, let’s take a moment and just think about what we’re grateful for. It’s all too easy to forget the everyday blessings in our lives, especially the ones that greet us at the front door or curl up [...]

Translating Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

"It's all Greek to me." Chinese Herbal Therapy and Acupuncture are two options of integrative medicine that we offer at Town N County. We know that many of you have lots of questions about these ancient treatments that can seem foreign to those of us in the west. We've run across a great video that [...]

It’s Trivia Time!

It's Trivia Time on the Town N Country Facebook page! For the next couple of weeks, watch your Facebook stream for all sorts of fun questions. At the end of each day, we'll post the correct answer - so you won't have to lie awake at night wondering. We'll be watching the answers, and if [...]

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