Why Should You Have Your Pet’s Teeth Professionally Cleaned?

By the time pets are three years old, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some form of periodontal disease. That means that more than likely, your pet’s dental health is overlooked. You might have heard some wise guy opine that if dogs and cats have survived since the beginning of time without having [...]

How to Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

You may feel like you’re trying out a new dance step the first time you try to brush your dog or cat’s teeth. You go left, and your cat steps right. You talk soothingly, and your dog’s ears go up. You fake left, and the cat leaps over the coffee table and out the pet [...]

Here's How to Get a Free Dental Goody Bag!

It's back! February is dental health month, and this year we're once again giving away a free bag of dental goods for everyone who has a dental cleaning! Each bag will contain: RAW bone CET chews DH food Oravet Toothbrush Oravet Toothpaste Coupon for 3 oral hygiene sessions (teeth brushing) Coupon for $100 off your [...]

My, My, What Bad Breath You Have!

Considering Your Pet’s Dental Health Your pet’s stinky breath could signal more than it’s time to avoid face-to-face time with him. A pet with untreated periodontal disease can develop serious problems with her kidneys, lungs, heart or liver. Unfortunately, a pet’s dental hygiene is more likely to be overlooked by most owners. Recent studies by [...]

Can Under the Table Be Healthy Too?

Pet treats have a bad reputation, but healthy treats deliver good nutrition and a little excitement. Wise choices can save calories and whittle furry waistlines. We've found that commercial treats are usually not the best choice for your pet. And we've found that There are a lot of non commercial snacks that your pet will [...]

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