Our Kitties Lend Helping Paws to Carolina Rescue

We saw the cutest missive in our outbox the other day, and (please don't tell) we decided to share it with you, because, the writers of the letter need your help, and we don't want anybody to be disappointed! Bring in your pet for a nail trim, and...well, just read the letter: Hey Big Kitties! [...]

The Long and Winding Road: Traveling with Your Pet

Some vacations don’t seem like vacations unless your dog’s along for the ride or your cat’s booked to go with you on the flight. What’s the secret to a fun, pet-friendly vacation? Take a look at 10 top tips for keeping the long and winding road more pleasant for the whole family: 1. Carry Me [...]

Free VIP Session with Overnight Stay – Our May Special

As you’re planning your vacation, make sure to plan for your pet too. For the month of May, your pet can receive a free VIP session with each night of boarding at Town N Country that you book for her. What’s a VIP Session? It’s a 15-minute session of fun for your pet. What’s your [...]

Planning your vacation? What are your pet’s plans?

In the month of May, get a free VIP session with an overnight stay! Cuddles, anyone?! Warm May weather means summer vacations can’t be too far away. As you’re making your plans, don’t forget to plan for your pet during your travels. Will she go with you to the cabin in the mountains? Or [...]

What are benefits of spay/neuter?

Question: Other than keeping pet populations under control, are there any benefits to spaying or neutering an animal? Our Answer: A recent study by the University of Georgia* compared lifespans of dogs that had been sterilized with intact dogs. Deaths and causes were monitored in over 40,000 dogs treated in veterinary teaching hospitals from 1984 [...]

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