Is There a Sleeper Cell in Your Cat's Tooth?

Is there danger lurking in your cat’s mouth? You might be surprised to hear that more than half of all cats older than three years old have at least one tooth that’s in the process of resorption. Right under your cat's nose, that innocent looking face may be the carrier of...a sleeper cell! What is [...]

How to Stop the Critters that Bug Your Cat

We all love critters - but there are some creatures that are irritating and downright dangerous for our cats. You might think your cat isn't at risk...and you may be unpleasantly surprised. Read on... Fleas aren't just for outdoor cats. Fleas can also instigate a plethora of problems when they get a free ride into [...]

Get a RAAAAAAAAAAAW sample – free!

This month we have a special treat just for our internet fans...a free sample of RAW dog or cat kibble. To get the free sample you have to come into the office and say - in your best doggie or kitty cat growl - RAAAAAAAAW.* Dogs and cats are instinctively meat eaters. Meat is what [...]

Heat Stroke: Signs to Watch for and What to Do

Summer months and warmer weather can present a challenging environment for your pet. Dogs aren’t nearly as adept at controlling their core temperatures as humans are. They can’t take off their fur coat, adjust the thermostat or roll the car windows down. Dangerous situations include leaving a pet in a back yard without shade or [...]

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