Designer Dogs: Is That a Diva Thing?

Move over Mark Jacobs and Vera Wang; the designer dogs are taking center stage. If you’re wondering exactly what a designer dog is, it’s a cross between two purebred dogs, like a golden retriever and a standard poodle. The resulting designer dog mentioned would be called a goldendoodle. A true breed of purebred parents brings [...]

Why Do Dogs Have Floppy Ears?

Most scientists agree that the dogs we love and keep as pets probably descended from the gray wolf. The earliest evidence of pet dogs can be traced between 14,000 and 100,000 years ago, but how did the vicious gray wolf first become tame? What started a friendship between humans and wolves? One theory is that [...]

How to Approach a Strange Dog or Cat

Dinner Conversation Safety Topic. Here’s a question parents should ask their children at the dinner table: "Do you know how to approach a strange dog or cat? Suppose you’re visiting a friend, and their dog or a cat is in the room. What should you do?" Family pets may be very tolerant of human attention [...]

Free Glaucoma Screening for Our Senior Patients

September is Senior Wellness Month, and in honor of our senior friends, for the month of September we are offering free glaucoma eye screening for our patients age eight and up. Glaucoma is a disease in which pressure is put on the eye, interrupting the normal circulation of fluid. Untreated, almost half of pets with [...]

It’s a Cat’s Life: Creating a Cat-Friendly Environment

Snoozing in the sun, your cat appears to have everything: food, water, and an adoring fan base. Keeping a cat happy isn’t overly complicated, but a few resources in place can enrich your kitty’s life and make your life simpler. To equip your home as a cat-friendly place, consider the following: 1. Think like a [...]

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