Pet Contest Pictures!

AND the winner is...Here are the entries into our pet contest, we held on Facebook! You voted for your favorite, and the winner is...Chance the kitty! We're so excited for Chance. He'll never be a zombie, because he's won a lifetime of free rabies vaccines! He's pictured at the right, and below. By the way, [...]

How to Avoid Night of the Living Dead

Halloween is chock full of scary scenes: zombies snatching victims to steal their brains, Frankenstein let loose on the village people or a crazed dog foaming at the mouth ready to attack. While you don’t need to be overly concerned with zombies and monsters (except for the ones who demand candy at your front door), [...]

Win a Lifetime of Zombie Proofing for Your Pet!

This contest is now closed. Do monsters scare you? Worse - do you wake up at night trembling at the thought of your beloved pet turning into a zombie? At Town N Country, we can take that worry away by zombie proofing your pet. It's true! A simple rabies vaccination will prevent your animals from [...]

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