Question: Can I Take My Dog Out in the Snow?

A romp in the snow is not only fun, but great exercise! You can use booties if you have them, if not a light coat of cooking spray will protect their paws. If your pet appears tired or is shaking, it's time to go in. But, a 15 minute snow session can be a good [...]

What’s in Your Pet’s Bowl?

Feeding Your Wee Darlings for Optimum Nutrition and Health Good nutrition keeps your dog or cat energetic and healthy. If your dog’s usually happy to head out for a daily walk with you or your cat enjoys a robust playtime, that’s a great indicator of good health. However, a recent study* found that roughly half [...]

With a Nick Nack Paddy Whack, give your dog a SNACK!

It’s a rare dog owner who doesn’t share a little “people food” with their pupster-love. Better than fat-laden commercial treats, many natural foods that you enjoy can add a little variety to your dog’s day without sabotaging a nutritious diet. For instance, a large Purina Busy Bone weighs in at a hefty 732 calories, but [...]

Purina OM Special! Help Your Pet Lose Weight

We interrupt this cold weather snap to bring you this special bulletin: THAT FAT ON YOUR PET IS NOT HEALTHY. No use trying to rationalize that it keeps your pet warm. If we've told you that your pet needs to lose weight, this arctic vortex won't change that fact. To help you with your pet's [...]

…It Was a Very Good Year.

Does the end of the year have you humming "Memories" a la Barbara Streisand? We've been sort of waxing nostalgic about the past year...and have realized it's been a great one! Here are some highlights to our year... You scheduled nail trims for our glove drive to benefit Carolina Tiger Rescue. We opened our new [...]

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