How to Prepare Your House for a New Pet or Two

Congratulations! Adding a pet to your family is an exciting decision. Like many things in life, being well-prepared makes a positive impact. (Ask any Boy Scout.) Here are 7 steps you can take to get ready for your happy addition:
1. Consult a professional. Before you bring your new pet home, make an appointment with us. Be sure that shots are up to date and that the dog or cat has a clean bill of health. Many infectious diseases are not as obvious as you might think. For example, parasites could affect humans or other pets in the house.
2. Think small. Confined, smaller spaces are easier to clean and manage until a pet has earned your trust to be in a larger area. Baby gates are useful, but if you hate that look, you can opt for vintage Dutch doors (or half doors).
3. Find peace and quiet (AKA the new “fang” shui). To you, it’s home sweet home, but to a new pet, it’s a brave, new, noisy world. Pets need a place to feel safe, and for puppies, a crate is perfect. Kittens like a quiet spot for their litter box.
4. Go natural. If you need chemicals to clean, make sure that the supply is safely locked away from curious noses. While you may easily remember bleach and ammonia as being dangerous, don’t forget about those chemicals found in your garage – like antifreeze.
5. Avoid electric blue. It’s so last year and you don’t want to shock your new little sweetie. Avoid electrical hazards by keeping electric cords safely covered, disguised or just plain out of reach for your dog or cat.
6. Accessorize carefully. Breakable knick-knacks and a new pet may not be a great combination. If you love something that’s delicate, store if for a little later. You also need to provide accessories that are specifically for your pet. Chew toys encourage a puppy to leave your stilettos alone and chew on the toys. A scratching post may inspire your kitten to leave the sofa legs alone and use the post. Other kitty ideas include a climbing tree and an extended window ledge for perching.
7. Seek happy family seating arrangements. Now is the time to think about whether or not you want a full grown Great Dane on the sofa. Or you can philosophize with your spouse at length about the best chair for a white cat. Start early and be consistent. You can agree on a “pet” chair or you may decide a special bed or pillow by the sofa is best.

Breathe deeply and think peaceful thoughts in your pet-proofed home. Don’t hesitate to call us to answer a question or schedule an appointment. We’d love to meet the newest member of your family!