At Town N Country, we deliver the very best. That’s why we’re accredited by the AAHA. That’s why we’re Fear Free Certified. And that’s why we can provide services that ordinary veterinarian practices and clinics are not able to do. If your pet needs advanced veterinary medicine, there’s a good chance that we can provide it for you right here at Town N Country.

Ultrasonography. Ultrasound technology is a very non-invasive way to see inside an animal’s body. Our ultrasound machines allow us a wide range of capabilities. They guide us as we do simple procedures such as collecting sterile urine samples (cystocentesis) or checking for pregnancy. They may help us discover an object (or a collection of objects…) that your pet may have swallowed. The digital imagery provided by our advanced ultrasound machine is one of Dr. King’s specialties. It can give us a really close look at your pet’s internal abdominal organs (liver, spleen, adrenal glands, gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract), so that we can assess for changes in organ size, shape, or density. They also aid in diagnosis of much more complex issues that may otherwise go unnoticed. For example, abdominal masses/tumors have been caught early on which contributed to a better outcome for the patient. We have found that ultrasound allows us to provide a more accurate diagnosis, and give a higher level of care.

PennHip. PennHip is short for the University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program . It’s a radiographic assessment for evaluation of a dog’s hip laxity, a scientific way to assess the risk and provide early diagnosis of Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD). A PennHip report, done by Dr. Horn, allows for early intervention when problems are detected, and can extend the quality and length of life of the dog. The assessment also provides useful information to breeders, helping to make progress toward better hips for future generations of breeds most at risk for CHD. Town N Country is a certified PennHip veterinary practice. If you have a dog that we feel is susceptible to hip difficulties, we may recommend the series of PennHip radiographs.

Digital Radiology. Many of us have had x-rays that required caknreful positioning of the body, with film that had to be sent away for evaluation. For your pet, we offer a better solution. Our digital radiology sends the x-ray to be displayed on a monitor, so we can see it immediately, and review it right away. We also send our radiographs to be reviewed by board certified radiologists who look at x-rays all day long. A lot of clinics don’t make this extra step, but we want the assurance that we aren’t missing anything important. We’ll use digital radiology for such things as dental care, identification of fractures, and to see joint degeneration.

Advanced Orthopedic and Soft Tissue Services. Ligament tears, splenectomies, and removing swallowed socks are all examples of complex surgeries that we can do at Town N Country. We offer advanced surgical procedures right here in the comfort of your hometown hospital. Dr. Bolynn has done extensive training in orthopedic, soft tissue, and ophthalmic surgeries allowing us to provide advanced procedures in-house saving you travel time and your pet the stress associated with a trip to a new hospital. In addition to the surgical skills of the veterinarian, our technical team is routinely trained to monitor anesthesia and deal with issues that arise during surgery.

Chemotherapy. For pets diagnosed with cancer, we are often able to administer chemotherapy here at Town N Country. This is usually a more convenient option than traveling to an oncologist in a neighboring large city for each treatment. Our staff is trained to draw up and administer the chemo drugs, and then monitor the values that are specific to your pet. We love the stories of our patients who have faced cancer – and gone into remission!

Whether for a routine checkup or a sophisticated procedure, we know that it is a comfort to be treated by people you know and trust. It’s good to be able to come to a familiar place that knows your history. Our veterinarians and our staff have invested time and resources in extra training and equipment so that we are able to offer advanced services like these.