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Introducing – Dr. Hicks!

We are truly overjoyed to announce that we are adding another veterinarian to our team at Town N Country. Dr. Kaitlynn Hicks will be joining us June 6th and we can't wait. Dr. Hicks will be helping our small animal patients with medicine and surgical services and critical care. She has a special interest in [...]

The Super Power of Digital Imaging

Have you ever noticed that X-ray vision isn't a popular super power any more? That's because modern technology has made it very common to be able to see through things. Digital imaging is truly like a super power- it's a way to look inside a body. At Town N Country, we use that super power [...]

Doggy Day Care vs The Dog Park

By nature, dogs are social creatures. They love to be around people and other dogs. That's one of the big reasons that we have Doggy Day Care at Town N Country. It's a little bit like the dog park - with some advantages... Bye, Ya'll! Doggy Day Care is a convenient option for busy pet [...]

Meet the Staff – Ann King

Ann King has always worked with animals. She grew up on a farm, and from an early age she helped take care of animals. Her family counted on her to make sure the animals on the farm were watered, fed, and alert. Her father raised beef cattle, and like any farm girl, Ann competed in [...]

Zoey and Solensia – a Success Story

Cats are experts at concealing pain, so when a can is hurting, it's up to the owner to notice behavior changes that indicate discomfort, such as difficulty jumping, climbing stairs, or playing. That was the case with one of our patients named Zoey, a 14 year old cat with osteoarthritis. OA causes cartilage to stiffen, [...]

How a Cat Tells You About OsteoArthritis

As cats age, the tissue between joints begins to wear down. Bone rubs against bone, making moving painful. But cats are notorious for hiding pain! You're going to have to watch for clues: "Let me just lay around, please." A cat with osteoarthritis will be less inclined to move. They won't be as excited about [...]

Solensia for Your Cat’s Osteoarthritis

Zoey is one of our patients who has a better quality of life thanks to Solensia! Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis that occurs when joint tissue begins to wear down, leaving bone touching bone. You've heard of it in humans, but it also affects dogs and cats. Until recently, there was little relief [...]

Meet Brandace

Brandace rhymes with Candace, but if you prefer you can just call her "B". To us, Brandace Parham is pronounced "invaluable vet tech". She primarily works in surgeries, and helps ensure they go smoothly, from start to finish. Doll and Brandace are the few employees at Town N Country who have been here since Dr. [...]

Before the Itch is a Problem, Get a Cytopoint Shot!

We hear it all the time: "I need that shot that keeps my dog from itching." We agree with you. You do need that shot that keeps your dog from itching, and you need it before you have a problem. Cytopoint® works best at the first sign of itching or red skin, before it becomes infected. If [...]

Auto Ship Pet Food, Meds, and More!

Have you ever noticed that you buy the same things over and over? That's why subscriptions with automatic shipments were invented. At Town N Country, we have two options for you to schedule deliveries of what your pet needs. Vets First Choice is the go to for just about anything. It's a full service pharmacy [...]

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