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Cold Hard Facts About Ticks, Fleas, and Heartworms

Fall is here, and the cooler weather tends to make us let our guard down about ticks, fleas, and heartworms. Before you decide that you can skip a month on your preventatives, read these cold hard facts. Cold Comfort. Let's start with the good news. Mosquitoes don't live in really cold weather. This is cold [...]

Fall Choo! (Fall Allergies for Pets)

We usually think of Springtime as allergy season, but your pet may think otherwise. Your dog may bite and lick a bald spot on an itchy part of her body. Your cat may develop a raised, crusty area on his skin. Allergies cause ear infections, yeast infections, and even diarrhea. But what are the underlying [...]

Tuning Up Your Dog for Nail Trims

I'm here to get my nails done. Hear that? That tap dancing noise is a telltale sign that your dog's nails need to be trimmed. It's a rare dog that enjoys the process, but if you follow the bouncing ball on the screen, we have a few hints to help broaden your Ringo's repertoire. [...]

Grab Onto Our Advice About Medicated Baths

Don't you just love a long, luxurious soak in a hot bubble bath? We're betting that this isn't something you and your dog have in common. Most dogs just don't like taking a bath, and for most dogs, they only need to be bathed every six weeks to six months. (Surprised? Read more...) For dogs [...]

How to Clean Sounder’s Ears

Long ears, short ears, pointy ears, floppy ears. All dogs have ears, and at some point in time, all dogs' ears need to be cleaned. If you've not cleaned Sounder's ears lately - if ever - take a peek inside. Cleaning Time. Have you heard? Some dogs rarely need to have their ears cleaned, and [...]

Could It Be? Nausea and Nerves in the Car.

For many dogs, riding in a car is a smorgasbord of pleasures. Look at it from your dog's perspective: the anticipation of seeing something new, the new sights, all the fabulous smells, and just the simple fact of being close to you. Then there are the dogs that are miserable in the car. For these [...]

Cat Owners Read This: Ticks and Cytauxzoonosis

As if ticks weren't bad enough already, there is a tick borne parasite on the rise. It's called Cytauxzoon felis and it causes a very serious disease called Cytauxzoonosis. The organism infects the blood cells of cats, including house cats, by a tick bite. And yes, we have had cases at Town N Country. Cats [...]

Teaching Dogs to Be Friends

Two pals at Doggy Day Care! Dogs are instinctively social creatures. They enjoy people, and they usually enjoy hanging out with other dogs. When it's time to introduce your dogs to a new friend, or a new member of the household, you may still find that you'll have to help the social instincts [...]

Pets Returning to an Empty Nest

Last year saw a resurgence of adult children moving back in with their parents. They moved for lots of reasons - layoffs, COVID, childcare issues, illness, or the high cost of housing. Many of these adults moved back home with pets in tow. If you've recently had grandpets begin living with you, there are unexpected [...]

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