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Springing Into Allergy Season

After a long winter, Spring has started to spring. For you - and for your pet - the warm weather means a spring right into allergy season. Itching, scratching, bald spots, bumps, and recurrent ear infections are all symptoms of allergic reactions. If your pet is displaying any of these, it may be because of [...]

Sweet Emotions: Love Manual For Your Pet – Part 1

In the month of February, our thoughts turn to the things in our lives that bring love into our lives. For most of us, pets are at the top of that list. Loving is an instinct, but that doesn't stop book after article after podcast from giving us ideas on how to love a little [...]

The Basics: Love Manual For Your Pet – Part 3

There are all sorts of ways to express love to your furbabies, but in the last part of our Love Manual for your pet, we're going to remind you of the very basics, with the help of some basic idioms that your granny taught you. An Apple a Day. Feeding your pet the proper diet is [...]

Our Ultra Superpower

Ever wish your superpower was x-ray vision so you could see what's inside of something?  It could answer a lot of questions you may have about what is hidden.  At Town 'n' Country we're not looking to be in the next Marvel movie, but we can see inside your pet to help us know what may [...]

Keeping Your Dog’s Mind Sharp in Senior Years

If you have a dog who is getting a bit grey around the muzzle, it's important to keep them fit and healthy. That goes for their body, but also for their mind. As your dog ages, their memory and learning can be affected by a change in the brain's glucose metabolism. This can cause memory, [...]

How Old is Old for a Pet?

On average, pets are living longer than ever before. Modern science, better diets, and better care have increased life expectancy. But at what age is a pet considered 'old'? "My dog's 60 in people years." You've heard the old rule of thumb that one dog year is equal to seven human years. While it's true [...]

How to Make Your Pet Live Longer

This is Katy, one of our senior patients. It's a sobering reality. You have the ability to help your pet live longer by keeping her from becoming obese. Being overweight can lead to many problems in cats and dogs, including inflammation, orthopedic disease, cancer, respiratory disorders, and endocrine or metabolic disorders. But the [...]

Does This Collar Make Me Look Fat?

If you've noticed Petunia looking a bit more flowery than usual this year, it's probably not an unflattering collar. It's true for humans, and it's true for pets. If you don't burn up as many calories as you consume, you are going to gain weight. Petunia's not alone in her weight creep over the past [...]

Counting Down to a New Year

The end of a year always invites reflection and remembering. We humans often have a tendency to focus on the negative, but as we count down the last minutes of 2020, we want to highlight some of the good things that happened at Town N Country. 1. Dr. Horn had a baby boy. 2. With [...]

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