My pet has bad breath. He’s obviously not painful or he wouldn’t eat.

Answer: True, some dogs and especially some cats will stop eating when the periodontal disease becomes bad enough. However, when it’s that bad we almost always have to extract some diseased teeth. Pets have such a strong instinct to survive and appetite is usually the last to go. They might be swallowing their food whole or only chewing on one side. Some show no signs at all (survival of the fittest).

Bad breath is a sign of infection. A healthy mouth does not have a bad odor. How many 1 and 2 year old labs do you know with stinky breath? Most importantly this infection can harm 3 very important organs. The liver, heart and kidneys can all take a big hit from chronic periodontal disease. Take a look in your pet’s mouth – Odor? Red gums? Tartar accumulation? These indicate that treatment is indicated.