Beau Bleu was not feeling well. He had lost most of his appetite and was vomiting what he did eat. He didn’t want to play. Bijou, his best buddy, would lay with him to try to make him feel better. Ready for bed, Beau thought about going to the doctor at Town & Country the next morning and wondered if he would get a treat and if they would exclaim how cute he is and hug him to make him feel better. He hopes he gets to give Dr. Bolynn a puppy kiss. Maybe she can help him feel better?

Dr. Bolynn decided that Beau needed surgery. An exam, x-rays and lab tests indicated that Beau Bleu had probably eaten something too big and it was stuck in his small intestine. Sometimes Beau Bleu swallows things in a hurry if he thinks Bijou may take it away from him. During surgery, Dr. Bolynn found a mysterious object, blocking his small intestine. Beau doesn’t remember where he found it and his mom didn’t recognize the red spongy culprit either. Maybe one of our Facebook friends has an idea of what it could be? Beau Bleu and his mom know it was not part of a toy that was in the home.

After the surgery he went home for the night, but came back to Town N Country the next morning, so the staff could spoil him some more. Bijou insisted on helping take care of Beau Bleu. She learned that being a nurse is exhausting – even when your patient is sleeping most of the time. Beau has recuperated remarkably well and is back to his old tricks of giving his mom the stink-eye when she is working instead of playing with him or fixing him something to eat.