dora itchWe hear it all the time: “I need that shot that keeps my dog from itching.” We agree with you. You do need that shot that keeps your dog from itching, and you need it before you have a problem. Cytopoint® works best at the first sign of itching or red skin, before it becomes infected.

If your pet has had skin problems in the past and are under our care, you can call in and request a technician appointment to repeat the Cytopoint® injection. This is part of the maintenance protocol for allergic skin. It will work to block the itch and prevent a skin infection.

Spring is here, and with it comes allergy season. If your pet does develop a skin infection from flea, food, or environmental allergies, an office visit is required so we can help get the correct antimicrobials to fight the infection – systemic antibiotics, systemic antifungals, topical shampoos, mousse, wipes, etc. For patients that we have discussed allergies with and worked out a plan for preemptive strategies, come in now and get the Cytopoint® injection before allergy season is in full swing.

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