We’ve all seen the ads for discount drugs – especially in emails and on Ebay. Once again, however, the US Government is issuing some really strong warnings against buying prescription medicines from fake online pharmacies. This is important information for your pet – but it’s important for you, too.

What’s the problem? The truth is, the drugs are probably cheaper, but these outlets leave you exposed to many risks. You might get counterfeit or poor quality drugs, or medicines that have slight variations that could have a big impact on your health. Physical well being aside, the very nature of these sites means your financial information is shared, your email address and telephone numbers added to spam lists, and your computer exposed to viruses and other malware.

How do you spot a fake? If you’re able to buy prescription drugs without a prescription, it’s fake. If the price is too good to be true, it’s most likely not true. If you get an email advertisement, hit delete! Also steer clear of companies not located or licensed in the United States.

Who can we trust? Look for licensed pharmacies that insist on a doctor’s prescription, and who have US based physical address and telephone number. The FDA also has a resource to see if a pharmacy is legitimate.

At Town N Country, we have partnered with Vet Secure for your prescription needs, but if you prefer another outlet, let us know and we’ll help make sure your pet’s medicines are safe!