August 15th is Check the Chip day! This day is set aside by the AVMA to make sure that pets have microchips, and ultimately to increase the chance that you and your pet will be reunited if you get separated.

On Check the Chip Day, Erika (she’s part of our amazing team) will be here from noon until 3:00 pm to make sure that your pet has a chip, that it’s working, and that it’s registered to you correctly. The check is free, and you won’t need an appointment.

There are three goals:

  1. To encourage all pets to be microchipped. It’s a sad fact that 1 out of 3 pets will get lost at some point in its life. (For more information on microchips, read here…)
  2. To make sure the microchip is working. Every once in a while, a chip will stop working. One of our staff will scan your pet to make sure it’s still transmitting properly.
  3. To verify contact information. A pet’s chip has a unique number that is entered into a database with your contact information. The most common reason for a microchipped pet not being returned is missing or incorrect contact information. Worse, only 6 out of 10 chips are actually ever registered at all. If you move, or change phone numbers, you need to update that info with your registrar. We’ll help you update the database with the surest way to find you.

We’ve left the best part until last! On Check the Chip day, we’re giving away five microchips to celebrate! Watch our Facebook page for more information, and then join us on August 15th, Check the Chip, and get peace of mind that if your pet gets lost, you’ll be able to find each other again.