brush and smileFebruary is dental health month, and we’ve got a mouthful of great specials and surprises for you.

Throughout the month we’ll be giving away FIVE goody bags of dental treats that will make your pet grin. The bag will include CET chews, CET toothpaste and a toothbrush, Oravet and 3 toothbrushing coupons (typically used during grooms or boarding). (BTW, CET stands for Clean Every Tooth!)

First off, anyone who schedules their pet’s dental cleaning during the month of February will be entered into a drawing for one of the treat bags. ALSO, for the month of February, when you have your pet’s dental cleaning, you’ll receive a coupon for a special price on the next one – dogs for $200 and cats for $125*.

Then…each week we’re going to have a trivia contest. We’ll post our dental questions on our Facebook page, and then draw a winner from all the correct responses. And HOW will you know the answers? From surfing around our website, of course! We’ll be posting questions all through the month, and we’ll draw one winner each week.

You can answer as many questions as you like, which will increase your chances of winning, but you can only win the trivia contest one time.

Finally, watch your email, this website and the Facebook page for some fun facts and stories about your pet’s dental health. This week we’ll be sharing an absolutely delightful story called “Cody’s Big Dental Day”, written by Dr. King. See if you don’t agree with us that she should turn the story into a book!

So get on the phone and call us to schedule that dental cleaning. And then, watch for question #1. You never know when it will pop up!

*Coupon must be used within 6 months of issued date.