dog agility trainingIt’s a dog’s nature to hunt, but most dogs today don’t develop skills that could help them capture their next meal over hill and dale.
Dog Agility is a sport where dogs compete against the clock and against other dogs to complete a field course similar to what a hunting dog might encounter in the wild. Started in 1978 in England, this just might be the fun sport you and your pet are looking for. The best way to get started is to take classes. Here are 4 benefits you don’t want to miss:
Sweat for fun and profit. Even a high-energy dog can get a great work-out that challenges his mind and body with agility training. These movements and drills can help your dog get healthy – an incredibly profitable status!
Wild thing, you make my heart sing! Exercises for your pet like running fast, walking over a raised wooden walkway, getting through tight spaces, and stopping on command fulfill your dog’s inner desire to track and hunt.
Do run, run! If you’re not careful, you may find yourself running alongside your favorite competitor(s), having fun and getting more fit. One study done by the University of Massachusetts that closely monitored oxygen consumption and heart rates of dog trainers during dog agility training showed that the trainers’ levels of exercise could be defined as moderate to vigorous.* Cool work out!
Be true, Bleu. Agility training can help you bond with your dog. You’ll spend quality time together as you both practice, learn signals and build trust.
If you’re new to the idea of agility training, take a look at obedience classes or canine good citizen classes. Every dog starts somewhere! In Burlington, you may want to check here for class opportunities.
If you have any questions about your dog and his fitness level, give Town N Country a call. We’d love to get you started on the right paw.*