A bored dog is trouble waiting to happen. Overturned trashcans, chewed up sofa arms and one-of-a-kind shoes are all evidence of a dog with too much time alone. When both husband and wife work full time, a solution to doggie boredom can be doggie daycare.

Dogs that attend a good daycare are better socialized and enjoy a healthy dose of exercise. Although shy dogs may seem a bit anxious at first, dogs that are accustomed to daycare generally have decreased anxiety levels.

If you’re considering daycare for your pooch, what do you look for? Here are a few key questions you might want to ask at a facility you’re considering:
1. How is playtime structured for the dogs? What are the individual options? What are the group options? How many animals are in the program?
2. How are the dogs placed in groups? For example, are the energetic ones separate from the older ones that don’t care for that kind of interaction? Are there options for timid dogs to be in smaller, less threatening groups?
3. What exercise is available?
4. Do they require vaccination documentation?
5. What kind of qualifications do staff members have? Are they trained to recognize medical problems or abnormalities in your pet?
6. Is medical care available if it’s needed? If your pet is predisposed to seizures or has special needs like diabetes, you may feel more comfortable leaving him with a daycare inside a veterinary hospital.
7. Is the facility part of a larger one that includes boarding, grooming and veterinary care? One-stop care can be very convenient.

At Town N Country Animal Hospital, Doggie Daycare is fun for your pet and convenient for you. Group and individualized playtimes are provided for your pet to provide the perfect mix of socialization activities. Our attendees especially enjoy their long walks in the surrounding neighborhoods or extra spa time.

The one-stop care that we offer is very handy for you and your dog. Think about it for a moment. Your next weekend away could mean that your dog has time here for her next grooming appointment, her annual shots and time to chill with some new friends. Dog biscuit, anyone?