cat foodTo date, the greatest researchers and scientists haven’t come up with any reasonable substitute for old fashioned exercise. Every creature needs it. Exercise is only part of the picture, though. As with humans, exercise has to be coupled with a good diet.

For the feline diet, remember that cats are obligate carnivores – they must have the high protein and low carbohydrates that only come from meat.

Good choices for your cat may be Instinct’s Raw, their canned line of cat food, or Purina OM for the ‘chunky’ cat. If your cat has an affinity for the crunchy, you’ll find the best kibble to sprinkle on your favorite kitty’s dish at our office.

Since dogs are not obligate carnivores, they have a few more possibilities for their diet. You may want to have a look at Purina OM canned or dry or Instinct’s Raw. Unless your dog is extremely active, we don’t usually recommend Instinct’s kibble or canned food since they tend to be too high in calories.

Since your dog’s nightlife might not be as active as your cat’s, he still needs exercise every day. Click here to discover creative alternatives to dog walking.
If you have further questions about your pet’s diet or level of exercise, don’t hesitate to call us. We love to hear from you.