thankful for petsIt’s said that forgetfulness is the greatest obstacle to true thanksgiving. If unbroken remembrance leads to continual thanksgiving, let’s take a moment and just think about what we’re grateful for.
It’s all too easy to forget the everyday blessings in our lives, especially the ones that greet us at the front door or curl up in our laps when we least expect it.
Each pet holds a special place in your heart. The Labrador that really wants to be a lap dog, the tabby that likes to have her ears scratched a certain way, and the Heinz 57 variety dog that tries to eat the cat food when he thinks you’re not paying attention. (Don’t let him!)
You’re Healthier Because You Have a Pet Various studies show us that our pets make us healthier. Stroking a pet relieves stress and lowers blood pressure. For many, walking a dog is more enjoyable than slogging away on a treadmill in front of a big screen television in a crowded gym.
One study from George Washington University’s School of Public Health and Health Services followed 916 people who were in one of the three groups:
1. Regular dog walkers
2. Dog owners…who didn’t walk their dogs
3. People without dogs
As you may have already guessed, the regular dog walkers had a lot to be thankful for. Their activity level with their pet meant that they had lower Body Mass Index, reported fewer chronic conditions and depression symptoms than any other group.
Your Kids Are Healthier Because You Have a Pet.
Children who grow up in households with pets are less likely to have allergies than those who grow up in pet-free homes. Pets strengthen babies’ and children’s immune systems.
According to James E. Gem, MD, a pediatrician at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a growing numbers of studies suggest that kids growing up in a household with any type “furred animals” will have less risk of allergies and asthma.
You’re More Interesting Because You have a Pet. Want to meet people? Take your dog to the park, and watch what happens. Conversations start easily about the breed of your dog, how old he is or what tricks she can do. You’ve seen 101 Dalmations, right?
Thankful for Pets and You! At Town N Country, we’re thankful for your pets too. Without them, how would we have met you? Thank you for your business and your continued support. May you have a very happy Thanksgiving holiday.
(Special thanks to Mishka, Crash, Burn, Princess, Macy May and all the dogs that live up to their names.)