fall pet tipsIt’s fall, ya’ll, bringing sweaters, football, pumpkin spice – and some things that could be harmful to your pet. As your schedule heats up and the weather cools down, here are some safety tips for your family:

Not So Fungi. Fall is mushroom season, and while most mushrooms are fine, 1% are very toxic to your pet. Read more…

Smelling a Rat Poison. Cooler weather brings rodents into homes, and many times people put poison out to prevent an infestation. We don’t recommend rodenticides, but if you decide to use it, make sure it’s in a place that your pet can’t access.

Under the Hood. Changing coolant is a fall maintenance chore for your vehicle. Antifreeze is highly toxic, and although it contains an ingredient that makes it noxious to pets, some animals (we’re looking at you, dogs) don’t take the hint. Read more.

Not Cool from School. Back to school means back to pencils with shiny erasers, markers and glue that smell good, and lunch boxes full of poisonous raisins and dark chocolate. While most school supplies aren’t toxic, if your pet ingests them, it can cause blockages. Teach your kids to pick up anything they drop and to keep their lunch boxes out up high.

Tricks from Treats. The aforementioned chocolate and raisins, sugarless gum, and candy wrapper all pose hazards to dogs and cats. Keep them hidden away – from you and your pets! Read more…

Busy Schedules. A busy schedule isn’t inherently dangerous for your pets, but don’t let the hustle and bustle keep you from regular exercise and play. Don’t forget the preventatives and your regularly scheduled vet visits. And if you think you’re too busy, talk to us about Doggie Day Care or Kitty Condo!

Keep all of these things in mind as we get ready for cooler weather and holidays. It’s fall, ya’ll. Go enjoy!