Let’s face it. Most pets don’t relish a visit to the vet. The unfamiliar surroundings, strangers, cold tables, probing instruments, and the unpleasant smells are unsettling to almost all animals. It’s hard to accurately assess a pet’s health when they are feeling anxious, stressed, and afraid.

kitty kittyWe don’t want your pets to feel fear when they come to Town N Country. That’s why we’ve worked hard and have recently been designated a Fear Free Certified Practice.

What does that mean for your pet? Our hospital is especially designed to make animals enjoy their visits to us, which ultimately enhances the quality of the medical care we provide.

Before The Visit. From the moment you make an appointment with us, we begin to do things to reduce your dog or cat’s anxiety. We’ll ask you questions about things that make your pet happy. We make suggestions on how to make the car ride better, so that your pet is calmer when they arrive at the hospital.

The Waiting Room. As soon as she comes into Town N Country, your pet will notice that our floors are textured so paws won’t slip. We have spray pheromones available, blankets to cover your cat carriers, and a dedicated kitty corner so cats can avoid traffic and (shudder…) dogs! Our scales are disguised as a treat station, not to mention the treats we have on the counter!

Canine Exam Areas. The exam rooms at Town N Country appeal to all of your dog’s senses. Special pheromone scents, low exam ottomans instead of tables, and a special menu of treats are just some of the things that help calm your dog. We even have an outdoor exam area! https://veterinarian-hospital.com/fear-free-sensory-experiences/

The Cat Room. Our dedicated feline exam room appeals to cats because they make (or think they make 😉 ) most of the decisions. Your cat can choose the exam spot, whether it be staring out the window at the bird feeder, hiding in a box, or sitting beside you on a comfortably soft seat. We have toys and climbing areas, a special menu of cat treats, and a lot more. Read about it here. https://veterinarian-hospital.com/the-room/ 0

Certified Fear Free. We are committed to minimizing your pets’ stress, and that’s why we have worked to become certified as a Fear Free Practice. We love the difference that it has made in the pets that visit us – and we know your pet will love it, too!