terrier holistic medicineCustomers who ask for holistic methods usually fall into two categories- they already prefer the holistic method and want to avoid potential toxins for their pet or they’ve tried every traditional solution and nothing seems to work for their pet.
At times, we see patients that have exhausted all resources for pain management or other recurring symptoms, like allergies. For some patients, this may be a perfect time to try an alternative option.
The holistic approach takes a little more time than traditional western medicine. You need to allow a two-part appointment to get started. A pet owner fills out a detailed questionnaire that asks questions you might not expect – like your dog’s history, personality and environment.
Then an integrative exam is conducted on your pet, considering particulars like your pet’s tongue color as well as his pulse.
About a week later, you’re scheduled for a more lengthy appointment where we’ll discuss what’s needed – diet therapy, a Chinese herbal remedy or some other changes to come.
One example of a non-traditional approach to diet is the belief that each protein contains either heating or cooling elements – and each pet exhibits characteristics that would categorize him as either hot or cold. A pet that’s “cold” wouldn’t do well with a “cooling” protein.
Many times a simple solution brings relief while other solutions may require more effort. Probably the hardest thing to change can be the diet, but limiting certain ingredients can oftentimes relieve recurring symptoms.
If you’ve been looking for holistic care for your pet or your pet hasn’t responded well to traditional medicine, give Town N Country a call. Join the growing number of our patients and their families who have found amazing results with this ancient approach.