As you anticipate all the possibilities of the new year, you’re probably making resolutions for yourself. But don’t forget your four legged friends in your goal setting. Here’s our 4-3-2-1 countdown of resolutions to a great 2024 for you and your pet!

4. Lose weight! Humans aren’t the only ones that need to set this goal for the New Year. Resolve to help your pet lose that puppy – or kitten – fat! Walk in your neighborhood, play a game of fetch, keep treats under control, and maybe even go on a…diet.
3. Take care of those pearly whites. Commit to doing one thing to help with your pet’s dental health this month – brush those teeth daily for the next week, offer a healthy proven-effective dental chew, or use Oravet once weekly. Start your pet’s year off with a freshly cleaned mouth. Small steps can make huge differences in your pet’s health down the road.
2. Keep up with preventions. We know your intentions are always good, but are you really doing it? Put those preventative measures on your calendar, on your smart phone (on our app!), on your bathroom mirror! Of course, we’ll remind (nag) you as well. 🙂
1. Spend time with your pet. We all need more time, but time is what your beloved pet needs the most. Spend 15 minutes a day teaching a new trick, brushing or simply playing with a favorite toy. Set aside time each day to do something special for just the two of you.
2024. Happy New Year!!