town and country appGilbert did a great job with his first visit, and we noted a confident glint in his eye as he headed out the door for home. Next his family had a few jobs to do.

First, they downloaded the Pet Desk App, available on iOS and Android. In the app, they filled out some information about themselves, including their name, email, and phone number.

Gilbert’s family had a pet that was treated at another veterinarian a while ago, and their information was in the Pet Desk System with that practice, so they had to manually change it to Town N Country. This may happen to you. If you have any trouble switching to us, let us know and we’ll help!

When the Pet Desk app was switched over to Town N Country, Gilbert was already in there, with all his records! If he hadn’t been, the process for adding a new pet is very straightforward.

The app allows creation of a “To Do” list with reminders, like to give Gilbert preventatives – or a bath. It also has a place to request an appointment or to contact us. There’s a click to call, a place to text, and a place to send an email message. If our phones are down during a weather emergency, this is a great way to get in touch with us!

Another of the helpful things that Gilbert’s family did was to like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and bookmark our website. You can do that from the app, too.

Another great feature on the app is the button to ask for a prescription refill. And for those days that Gilbert has a concern that can be addressed remotely, his family can go ahead and download the TeleVet app.

Now that Gilbert is no longer a rookie, and since his family has taken advantage of the terrific technology offered by Pet Desk, TeleVet, and social media, Gilbert is ready to come back to see us. We’re going to have to change his moniker, though. We’re thinking about Gilbert the GOOD Guy!