dog anxietyYour dog really loves you. Your cat really, really loves you. In fact, your pet may become so attached to you that she starts to display symptoms of separation anxiety…

Your cat Citronella uses your bed as a litter box. Your dog Samira might tear up your shower curtain and bathroom rug. Normally calm Apollo leaves deep scratch and bite marks trying to escape through doors and windows. Priscilla howls pitifully for hours.Turnip just stops eating altogether.

All of these behaviors can be attempts to cope with the fact that you’re gone – and that your pet really, really misses you.

It’s not realistic to be able to be with your pet all the time, but there are several real ways to alleviate the pangs of separation.

Not really. Get ready to go when you’re not going anywhere. Grab your brief case and car keys and walk out the door. Come back and put everything back. By going through this routine a few times over several days, you’ll help desensitize your pet to your leaving.

Really good. When you leave, make sure something good happens that your pet can look forward to. It could be as simple as leaving a treat when you leave. Or another idea might be a food puzzle….

Really distracting. Distracting with a food puzzle often keeps your pet busy and happy for quite some time.

Really nice. Adaptil sprays and diffusers mimic the same pheromones that a lactating mother dog emits to reassure her young. Many puppies and adult dogs are soothed with AdaptilTM products. For cats, there is a similar product called Feliway.

Really serious. For the cases when behavioral intervention alone doesn’t solve the problem, talk to us about medication possibilities. Many patients have had success with these medications.

Really fun. Town N Country offers daycare for pets. Perhaps your pooch would respond well to spending one or two days a week with us.

The reality is that one in six dogs experiences some level of separation anxiety. The right strategy can alleviate your pet’s anxious behavior. Give us a call, and let’s set up an appointment for your pet. We would love to help you reach a solution and soothe your pet – really.