grooming bathingIf your dog hates taking a bath, she’s not alone. There are dogs who love water, but they’re sort of like kids who like Brussel Sprouts…they are the exception. If your dog takes to the water like a duck, you have bragging rights. If you have a dog with water-phobia, then you’re in the majority.

Like it or not, your dog needs to be bathed. So if your dog gives you the following protests about a good scrubbing, here are surefire ways to answer back.

“But, I Just Had a Bath Last Week!” Actually, your dog might be onto something there. Truth is, most dogs don’t need bathing as often as you would think. It varies a lot, depending on your dog’s breed, activity level, and the environment. Most dogs need baths every six weeks to six months, but if your Fifi rolls in the mud or explores the creek behind your house, it’s going to be obvious when a dip in the tub is needed. Just avoid bathing more than once a week, as this could dry out your dog’s skin.

When you bathe, you also don’t always have to use soap. Sometimes a simple rinse will do.

“I Licked My Paws. That’s Counts – Right?” Bathing a dog is usually really messy, but a little planning can help to keep the puddles to a minimum. First off, gather all the supplies you need – towels, pet shampoo (not baby shampoo – please!), a pet brush, cotton balls, and maybe a leash. Brush your dog before the bath, then put cotton in his ears. Your bathwater should be lukewarm, and you should rinse very, very well! After the bath, rush your dog to a place that he can shake. You may need a leash to prevent your clean pooch from rolling around in the nearest sandbox.

“You’re Such an Amateur.” Let’s be honest. Sometimes it’s just easier to leave things to the pros. At Town N Country, we bathe dogs and cats every single day. We have special equipment, the right shampoo, and lots of room to shake. And – we do it all the time. We can also brush and groom your pet to bring out that natural beauty!
Got questions? Let us know. Because whether you bathe your dog, come in to us for grooming, or a combination of both, we’re here to help you keep your pet healthy, happy – and clean – for years to come.