If you are going to be away from home and want a place to leave your pups, we recommend our Canine Camp! While you’re away, your dog will play – or at least that’s the image we like to have. Like children going away to summer camp, despite the wonderful attention of the staff and the high quality care we give, dogs are often less than thrilled with the prospect of being away from home.

Here are some ways to prepare Kerfluffle and Hops to board at the best place around. (We can’t help but be proud!)

Been There. Done That. Before you leave, drop by to see us for some ‘happy visits’. Bring Hops in for a treat and some cuddles, and then take her home. Maybe have a short Doggie Day Care or Kitty Condo stay, with a VIP session thrown in. That way, when the overnight visit does happen, she won’t feel like she’s being left in a strange place with strange people.

This End Up. Your dog will sometimes be in a confined area here at the vet. We’ll make it as comfortable as possible, but if it’s the first time Kerfluffle has been in a crate, he may not react well. To acclimate him, get a crate or carrier at home, and put treats and toys – and maybe even his favorite blanket – inside. Leave the door open, and let him go in and out at will. When he’s used to the space, close the door, offering more treats every few minutes.

Packing List. The familiarity of high value items, such as a favorite blanket or toy, will make Hops feel more at home. It’s also a good idea to bring the food that she usually eats. This is another way to keep some things familiar, but it also reduces the chance of tummy upsets or stress colitis. Don’t forget any regular medications that your pet may take.

Strategy Session. If you’re still insecure, brainstorm with us about ways to make Canine Camp more pleasant. We may recommend Adaptil, or a mild sedative. Plus, before you come, make sure that you fill out the boarding form located here. This helps speed up the intake process, and makes sure that we all have the bases covered.

At Town N Country, we pride ourselves on making pets feel as comfortable as possible while they’re in our care. Whether getting a medical exam, having a dental cleaning, or boarding in a day or overnight camp, we want their time with us to be pleasant, so that they’ll look forward to coming back again!