Florence is on her way. Whether we have a direct hit or not, you need to have an emergency plan for your pets – just in case.
Here are some things to do.

1. During the storm.
—Keep your animals calm. Storms can be really scary for animals. Read what to do about that here.
—Find a safe place for your animals. Bring them in from the storm, even if it’s just to put them in a garage or laundry room. You may need to crate them.
2. Loss of power and/or water.
—Have at least three gallons of water on hand for each pet. This does not have to be bottled water; you can simply fill up a bucket or a storage bin from the tap.
—Have enough food on hand for at least three days. If you use canned food, make sure you have a manual can opener.
3. Evacuation.
—If you need to evacuate your home, know that public shelters do not accept pets.

—Create an evacuation kit. Include three days to a week’s worth of food and water, medications, veterinary records, leashes or harnesses, a current photo of your pets for identification purposes, paper towels, litter pan and litter if you have a cat, zip close plastic bags, and an extra leash and collar.

These are the basics, and you may have other situations that are not addressed above.

Veterinary Partner details what to do if you absolutely must leave your pet behind, as well as how to prepare for birds, reptiles, pocket pets, livestock, and horses.

As always, if you have questions, give us a call.