frightened dogDo fireworks send Fido flying under the furniture? Fear not! Here are four preventive measures that may soothe your furry friend:

Fashion… AKA the Thundershirt, this calming canine fashion trend works with gentle constant pressure, a method similar to swaddling a cranky human baby. Backed with a 100% money-back guarantee, Thundershirts help 80% of the pets that try one.

Aren’t all puppies happy? That’s the idea behind AdaptilTM products. The spray, diffuser or collar distributes a synthetic copy of pheromones, the hormones released by a lactating mama dog to comfort her puppies. It’s suitable for adult dogs and puppies.

Fur Elise…
Playing classical or other soothing music can distract your pet from random loud noises as long you avoid 1812 Overture with cannon fire sound effects.

When other methods offer little solace for your pet, talk to us about anti-anxiety medications. Sileo® is a drug designed especially for dogs with noise aversion, and may be a good solution for one noisy summer night.

Facts.Two out of three dogs have some degree of noise aversion, and of those, 81% react to fireworks.

Unbridled fear can fuel many less-than-desirable behaviors in your dog; but early intervention can address a reaction before it becomes a bad habit. If you know that your dog is anxious about loud noises in general and fireworks specifically, give us a call. Let’s talk about the best way to soothe and comfort your pet. We’d love to help.