A picture’s worth a thousand words, and digital X-rays provide a very good picture of what’s going on inside your pet.

Why does it matter to you? Here are 7 reasons your pet gets excellent care with digital X-rays:

1. Show me your muscle. With digital X-rays, you can actually visualize individual muscles and tendons. The detail is amazing – and can help specialists see exactly what’s wrong.
2. Lie like a dog. Or maybe stretch like a cat. Town N Country X-ray technicians’ excellent skill at positioning a pet for the camera allow images that tell vets the whole story, making a clear-cut diagnosis attainable.
3. Hold your horses. Immediate images mean you don’t waste time waiting around for the results.
4. Call in the big dogs. If a specialist’s opinion is required, these images can be easily emailed for a consultation.
5. Turn it inside-out and upside down. When needed, image manipulation sometimes provides an enlightening angle. For example, inverting images is a useful technique when evaluating lung masses.
6. Save for kibble. The efficiency of digital x-rays means that you save money.
7. Round and round. Multiple radiologists rotate to conduct monthly meetings to review every radiograph taken at TNC. These sessions allow the doctors to sharpen radiograph evaluation skills and ensure that the tiniest detail is considered.

Digital X-rays are just another reason to choose Town N Country Animal Hospital – just another thing that sets us apart to make sure your pet is offered the very best care available.

If you have any questions about digital X-rays or would like to schedule an appointment, give us a call. Let’s both get a clear look at your pet’s health!