ziggy-instinct-dog-foodWe got a great email this week that demonstrates what a difference Instict’s RAW can make in a pet. We got permission to share it with you:

Dr. King:
My three year old Australian labradoodle, Ziggy, is a huge fan of Instinct by Nature’s Variety. Before beginning this grain-free diet of raw lamb,rabbit and bison, as well as the Instinct kibble, Ziggy was a very picky eater and suffered itching, urinary tract infections, and low energy levels.

Before discovering the Instinct food, feeding Ziggy was a chore. I searched and tried numerous products and he did not like any of them. He now eats and loves the Instinct diet. He is energetic, allergy free and easy to please at mealtime. His coat even looks and feels healthier and he is a happier dog.

The frozen medallions are very easy to transport when we travel and the kibble is a wonderful addition to his meal. The variety of flavors leaves Ziggy satisfied and not begging for other foods.

Thank you for recommending this product for Ziggy. It has changed his/our lives.

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