This month we have a terrific new space on the blog to share with you. It’s called “Our Favorite Pets” – and we need you to help us fill it up.

Here’s what you do. Write us a short (or long – we don’t care) story about your pet and email it to us. Attach a picture, and we’ll post it on the site and on our Facebook page. It’s a great way to show off your pet – and to share with your friends, too. We’ll post as many pets as you send us. Just email them to us at admin AT .

You might also notice that “Ask The Vet” is now displayed on every page of our website. If you have questions for the vet, email them to us. We’ll post that answer, too!

*By sending us your pet’s picture and story, you give us permission to post it on our website and Facebook page. We do reserve the right to edit posts for appropriateness, spelling, grammar and clarity. For the sake of privacy, we will not post your last name. Note, however, that if you comment on Facebook, your Facebook privacy settings may allow the display of your complete name on the Facebook page.