fourth of july and dogIt’s just after dark on the fourth. Do you know where your dog is?

Does the fireworks show send your furry baby skidding into the nearest open closet or under a large piece of furniture? Or does your dog bark incessantly when the first firecracker pops? Take a look at these five calming strategies that could help your pet keep his cool on a hot, noisy night, coming to you very soon:

1. Follow the leader. Your dog watches you closely every day and night. Carry on as usual when the fireworks start, and your dog may do the same. Try not to make the mistake of comforting a scared dog. You can reinforce her skittish behavior and jumpstart a pattern of being frightened of many things.

2. Roll over, Beethoven!
Classical or other types of soothing music can truly calm your pet. Turn your music up a little to mask the fireworks’ snapping and popping.

3. Tired dogs don’t jump.
July 4th is a great day for exercise and lots of it. Wear your dog out with an extra long walk or a little longer time playing fetch. By the time the sun goes down, your dog may be more focused on settling down to sleep than on jumping up to hide.

4. And the thunder rolled.
With the premise that thunder and loud noises in general can start a less than desired behavior in your pet, the Thundershirt has been introduced as an affordable solution. The idea of gentle constant pressure is similar to that of swaddling a cranky human baby – and it works for 80% of the pets that try it.

5. Zen around the collar.
Nothing’s happier than a fed, warm puppy. That’s the idea behind AdaptilTM products; you can choose a spray, diffuser or collar to distribute a synthetic copy of pheromones or mama dog hormones meant to soothe nursing puppies, the hormones released by a lactating mama dog for her puppies. Works well for adult dogs as well as puppies. Click here for more information about AdaptilTM.

6. Lend me your ears.
Your dog’s ears are much more sensitive than yours. Many dogs benefit from wearing specially designed Mutt Muffs that can block some levels of the noise.

7. Play it again, Sam! Smart speakers have playlists curated for calming your pets! (You have heard them in the Town N Country Fear Free environment.) Alexa has a Calm My Dog skill. Spotify has more than one playlist for relaxing your pet.

8. Take a pill. When you’ve tried a host of ideas and your pet’s still a quivering bundle of nerves, talk to your vet about anti-anxiety medications and your dog’s usual patterns. A fast- acting variety might be the perfect solution for one rowdy summer night.

Give us a call if would like to discuss your dog’s case with us. Three cheers for the red, white and blue – and a calm, stress-free dog! And both of you have a safe, happy fourth!
Photo Credit: Randy Son Of Robert via Compfight cc