ann kingAnn King has always worked with animals. She grew up on a farm, and from an early age she helped take care of animals. Her family counted on her to make sure the animals on the farm were watered, fed, and alert. Her father raised beef cattle, and like any farm girl, Ann competed in 4H, and later on assisted in 4H auctions. Ann also managed a Livestock Auction Market. She’s just retired from raising rough and smooth coat collies, and she has a couple of foxhounds that compete in field trials.

For the past nine years she’s been a veterinary technician with us. Nowadays, most of the time you’ll find her at the urgent care at the Forestdale campus. She takes excellent care of a lot of sick patients who come in with emergencies. Ann helps stabilize them, placing catheters, giving meds and fluids, and getting pets to feel their best. She’s right there with our doctors as they do the full workups, an invaluable part of the team. It’s a lot of vomiting and diarrhea and toxin ingestion – and Ann loves it, because she’s doing what she has loved the most all of her life – helping animals in need.

Like all vet techs, Ann helps with surgery prep, placing caths, running lab work, taking vitals, and getting everything sterile. When surgery is over, she helps to monitor the pet during anesthesia recovery. One of her favorite things is to work with reproductions, including breeding and C-Sections. She enjoys working with the breeders that come to Town N Country, too.

Ann has seen a lot of changes in the veterinary industry, and she says that one of the best ones has been the practices we’ve put into place at Town N Country that show pets we are there to take care of them. She’s seen what a huge difference being Fear Free makes for a pet, so that every visit feels more comfortable, regardless of the pet’s excitement level.

Ann is the epitome of dedication – dedication to her family (including many of the four-legged variety), job(s), patients, and friends. Ann is our go-to regarding all things reproduction-related. We always want her close by during every C-section to wield her insane puppy support skills. She makes Town N Country run smoother with her advanced technical skills, and she makes our lives better because of her sense of humor and hard work ethic.