dental visit costNo, you’re not the only one shocked by the price of a dental cleaning. More than one customer has pointed out to us that cleaning the pet’s teeth costs more than cleaning their own teeth.
Contrary to what you’ve imagined, your pet’s dental bill payments don’t go into a Swiss bank account or purchase a luxury home on the French Riviera. Your cat’s or dog’s cleaning cost more because:
1. You probably go to the dentist more often. Your visits are scheduled every six months, so you have less tartar in your mouth than what your cat or dog exhibits. Most people don’t bring in their pet for a cleaning unless they can see tartar or signs of periodontal disease.
2. A neglected mouth needs more attention. Full mouth radiographs are routinely done at each visit. Scaling, polishing and charting each tooth takes a bit more time than you might anticipate.
3. To clean your pet’s mouth properly, anesthesia must be administered. We have to do this in order for the vet or vet tech to thoroughly examine and complete necessary procedures. If you’d like to read more why anesthesia is best for your pet, click here.
But look on the bright side. This month, for a limited time, receive a free Rin Tin Grin bag when you bring in your furry baby for a dental appointment. February’s dental health month, and we would love to see you and your pet very soon.
Photo Credit: russelljsmith via Compfight cc